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Product Range

Linea di produzione

The wide range of machinery L.T.A. is inclusive of single machines and complete lines for production of short pasta, long pasta and special pasta.
The adaptability of the plants, to mean any specific requirement, and the processing is secured by the solid technical and knowledge background, acquired by the production staff from years of experience to its customers.

L.T.A. produces, by order of the customers, different types of machinery and equipment, as well as device and accessories, for the industry of dry special pastas which nests, lasagnas and rolls, etc..
The company stands beside the client as a valld technological and professional partner throughout the various and complex phases of the following:
- the production or the machine component in line with L.T.A. production
- the adaptation of the machinery or components to specific industrial requirement
- the completion of existing projects based on external engineering offices or client studies
- the internal or decentralised engineering and/or production of machine.

L.T.A. can produce various type of machinery, parts and accessories, destined to use in the complex production cycles employed for special dry pasta, such as:

-Bucket elevators
-Conveyor belts
-Wooden trays for static dryers
-Anodised aluminium trays for static dryers
-Stainless steel trays
-Pre-kneading tanks
-Kneading tanks
-Pasta pasteurisation units
-Kneading presses
-Tray stackers
-Tray pre-dryers/stackers
-Complete short pasta ensilage and packaging machine feeding systems
-New, continous tray-type lines for the production of special pasta (nested pasta, coiled pasta, lasagne) with productions from 200 to 1000 Kg/h depending on type of product
-Booths and panelling in laminate and/or plastic reinforced by fibreglass

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